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5 Steps to Helping Your Child Succeed in School

  Some might believe that a child's success in school has to do with how capable or smart the child is, or how far they can excel in certain subjects. What most parents fail to realize is, that a huge part of their children's success in school starts at home. The way you run things [...]

5 Mistakes To Avoid Before Hiring A Private Tutor  | Private Tutor

Let's face it - both public and private schools no longer have the resources to fully support every student's individual needs. Hiring a private tutor is a great way to supplement learning outside of the classroom. Whether your child is determined to get into the Ivy League of their dreams or is just struggling to hang [...]

Tutoring In Los Angeles

Finding a tutor in Los Angeles can be very challenging, especially if you need help with multiple subjects. Here are some tips to follow when choosing the best tutor for the job. Many tutors are very knowledgeable, but that does not necessarily make them effective teachers! When finding a tutor one should look for effective [...]

5 Tips For Taking Better Math Notes

When it comes to math, taking notes is an invaluable part of the equation (pun intended...we couldn’t help ourselves). Thorough, legible and organized notes can help students to more clearly understand the material, be more prepared for upcoming tests and better retain knowledge. But we understand -- taking great notes can be easily said than [...]

Create a Summer Reading Program for Your Child

Ah, summer. Laughing kids, sandy toes, warm breezes, late sunsets, (hopefully) later wake-up calls, and, of course, a summer reading program. That’s right -- if you don’t already have summer reading program on your child’s to-do list, it’s not too late! It can be easy to let education fall to the wayside during the much-awaited summer [...]